General FAQ's

The show will take place from 25-27 September 2024 at the Office Des Foires Et Expositions De Casablanca (OFEC) in Casablanca, Morocco.
Wednesday, September 25: 10am - 7pm
Thursday, September 26: 10am - 7pm
Friday, September 27: 10am - 5pm
Any professional involved in the Food Packaging industry, including:
Vegetable & Fruit Seeds and Improvement, Organic Agriculture, Dairy Farm Technologies, Milking Equipment and Pretreatment of Milk, Cooling Technologies and Equipments •Slaughterhouses Equipments, Meat and Poultry Industry and Equipments, Poultry Farms; ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, guniea flows, etc., Food Processing and Production Equipments, Millers, Silos, Granaries, Elevators, Conveyors, etc., Spare Parts, Repair, and Maintenance Equipments •Mowers and Harvesters, Soil Preparation Machinery, Planting and Seeding Machinery, Tractors and Equipments, Hand Agricultural Tools, Fertilizing, Plant Protection, and Cultivation Equipments, Product Warehouse Machinery, Automation Systems, Product Process Machinery, Water Dosage Pumps, Laboratory and Testing Equipments, Packaging machinery , intelligent /self-service packaging, Plastic & metal packaging, Printing and labeling technology, material supply, Logistics packaging containers and material, labeling and logos, logistics packaging technology
OFEC - l'Office des Foires et Expositions de Casablanca, Morocco
Rue Tiznit, Face à la Mosquée Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco
Morocco Food Expo 7th International Food, Hospitality and Technologies Exhibition.
Mega Ceramica Morocco | International Ceramic, Bathroom and Kitchen Exhibition.


Badges will be delivered from the registration desks located in the entrance of the hall. Online registrations will have fast pass.
You only need to register once to have access to all 3 days of the show.